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WRT160n self resetting?


Two days ago I bought this brand new shiny router - WRT160n.

Since that, I got 2 major problems:

1. Router connected to the Internet via Cable Modem L2TP. Transmitting Mixed mode, 20Mhz, WAP2-AES encryption.

Once a hour (more or less) the router "resets" itself. I mean the LEDs start flashing, my Windows XP warns that Local Area Connection is missing etc.

I configured the router very simply, I don't understand in terms like DDNS, NAT or what ever it is.

All I need is a smooth surf. Nothing more or less.

Anyway to solve this?

2. I got a second router which set to be a Universal Repeater. It suppoted to be repeating the signal of the WRT160n.

The repeater is an Edimax 6524n. Everytime the Linksys router resets - the Edimax connection lost and not auto-reconnect.

I'm not sure, but I think the Edimax disconnects by itself. It just doesn't hold the connection with Linksys.

Previous setup with Edimax and Intellinet work exellent.

Now? Linksys drops connection and resets by itself, and the Edimax repeater hanging up connection.

Anyway to solve this? Should I downgrade to B+G and give away N? might it be the 802.11N is the problem?

Thanks for your help!

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