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WS-3750G and a newb

Before I start, I just need to mention that I am by no means an IT person.

I just inherited a WS-3750G and read some information saying that it is a Layer 3 swith (so it has ability to connect LANs.

I would like to be able to configure it so that my IP phone system, computer LAN and remote office can all connect to eachother. This is a completely Mac environment btw...

This is a link to what I am thinking (also attached)...

I am not sure this is possible, and if it is, have no idea of how to do it. Due to my remote location, I have no access to a hire a cisco guy to do it for me, so hoping someone can be patient and help guide me online to do this.

In the diagram, you can see two DHCP servers. One controlled by the PBX (for the phone lines) and another issued by the LAN server. I want to ensure that all computers (including guests on laptops) get their DHCP id from the LAN DHCP rather than from the PBX DHCP and that all phones get their IP from the PBX DHCP.

As to the remote office over VPN, I'm hoping that both the phone lines can talk to the PBX for usage (so I can use same phone number with new extension numbers).

The main server does have a serial connection (ZTerm) - but I have never used it.

Will be very grateful if someone can help me out.

Thanks to all who read this!



Re: WS-3750G and a newb

If the Cisco IP Phone is connected to a Cisco switch, the switch next informs the phone of the voice VLAN defined on the switch.The phone needs to know its VLAN membership before it can proceed with the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) request for an IP address. Refer the following URL for more information on configring DHCP on IP phones

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