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X.25 debug issue

please i want to run a debug on a serial interface on cisco router.please what are the commands to issue and i do i obtain the debug outputs for analysis.

i anticipated urgent asistance

thanks a a lot

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Re: X.25 debug issue

Hello Olankule,

if you are in a telnet /SSH session you need:

termina monitor

you need privilege level 15 (enable)

debug is activated per type not on specific interfaces generally speaking

in your case

debug x25 ?
  all        Show all X.25 traffic (default)
  annexg     X.25 over Frame-Relay (Annex-G) Events
  aodi       Always On/Direct ISDN (PPP over X.25) events
  cmns       Show only CMNS traffic
  events     Show X.25 traffic without normal Data and RR packets
  interface  Show X.25 or CMNS traffic on one interface
  only       Show only X.25 traffic
  vc         X.25 traffic across a specific virtual circuit
  xot        Show only XOT (X.25-Over-TCP) traffic

you can use deb x25 interface serial x/y


have a second telnet session to device

enable logging on telnet/SSH first session to save to a file

Hope to help


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Re: X.25 debug issue

i anticipated urgent asistance

Please do not solicit for timely support on a freely contributed forum like this.

If you need guaranteed 24/7 support, buy a support contract.

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