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X25 and Q-bit problems

I have a router Cisco 7200 with this IOS: "c7200-jk9o3s-mz.123-5a.bin"

This router has a X.25 serial interface and it works as follow: router receives a x.25 packet and matchs it into a Tcp connection to achieve a server with a specific application.

I have configured this functionality using translate command. The problem is that the match betweeen the two protocols, X.25 and Tcp, doesn't work properly, because instead of matching and comparing with X.121 address of the incoming call, as is specified in translate command, the match is done with the X.121 address of the own router.

Another problem I have, is that in some cases along X.25 communication, the router sets the Q-bit and this is the reason why x.25 peer doesn't accept the packet and refuses the connection.

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Re: X25 and Q-bit problems

Hi, as long you've a translation command, router should accept the call. Can you produce traces to the effect it doesn't ?

Also more details would be needed related the q-bit problem.

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X25 and Q-bit problems

Hi grabaru07

Please, could you tell me if have found a solution to this problem ? I have a similar problem whit Q-bit.



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