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X25 HELP !!!!!


Hoping someone out there still has strong X25 skills.

Here is my problem.

I have a 2800 Router that connects to a X25 cloud and receives multiple incoming calls. It does not make any outgoing calls.

The router's ethernet is connected to a Checkpoint Firewall and there is a application server behind it. This App server is listening on port 30566. The cusotmer has a Nortel device in there at the moment doing XOT (X25 over TCP) and in the command it allows you to specify the TCP port you will use. With Cisco IOS that is not an option and it seems to default to TCP port 1998.

I have attached two different configs. The one using XOT is half working in that on the firewall I can see that the TCP handshake completes but the data does not flow. I believe it is because of the port redirection I have had configured on the firewall (RTR 1998 -> SERVER 30566).

The second is using X25 translation. If I configure it this way, you will notice in the debug output that I get an error message (Internation Link busy).

Any ideas / comments / suggestions are most welcomed.




Re: X25 HELP !!!!!

Regarding ur X25 translation configuration, can u send me a snapshot of the entire debug o/p.This will help me to trace the pblm.

I have an explanation and a sample configuration of X25 Over TCP.This will give u some idea.


The below rfc(rfc1613) explains in detail regarding the XOT.This will be able to clarify ur doubt, I believe.

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