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A report for time spent on website?

Is there a report within SawMill that I can pull that would show the amount of time that an authenticated user is spending on a website?
Currently using S650 with 5.5.2-036 for Web

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Re: A report for time spent on website?


There is a report by default:

Resource -> Time by User Name

This should provide the data that you are looking for. However, please be advised that this is NOT an accurate science.

Sawmill can only see when a request for a website is made. It cannot actually know how much time a user has spent looking at the website (eyeball time).

Sawmill makes a best guess using it's own algorithm and metrics to be as accurate as it can be, which depending on the situation, may not actually be accurate.

For example, if a user goes to a website once and then never goes again, how do you gauge how long they spent browsing it?

According to the logs, the requests took 1 second to load. Sawmill may assume that a single request with no subsequent requests is equal to 5 minutes of browsing.

The user might have spent 30 seconds and then closed the browser. Or the user could have downloaded the entire script to Macbeth and read it all day long.

I cannot provide more specifics on the actually algorithm used by Sawmill, but I did want to make you aware of the caveats on assumed time based reports.

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Re: A report for time spent on website?

Thanks for the heads up and your help Josh.

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Re: A report for time spent on website?

I jumped the gun a little Josh. I can't find the report that you listed in the Sawmill for Ironport reports.

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