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Cant upload large files to Sharepoint site through S-160 proxy

Hi, I've got the following setup in our Windows AD infrastructure. Client admin websites hosted in our dmz, whose url is accessed via an externally hosted DNS reference. I've built up an Ironport S-160 to replace a defrunct Bluecoat and have trouble uploading files larger than 40kb to the admin sites via Sharepoint. After a while the connection times out saying the max size limit has been exceeded, however sharepoint is set to a maximum for 50mb uploads.

The S-160 is using NTLMSSP as it's authentication scheme on the global identity policy and I've created an authentication exemption identity for the sharepoint admin sites. But from what I can determine the only way you can upload is to set the authentication on the admin sites to basic, which means you would be transmitting your login credentials in clear text over the internet.

Has anyone an idea how i can persuade the S-160 to authenticate to the admin sites, whilst using NTLMSSP and not using basic authentication? I found this url ( which detailed a similar problem but they decided to use basic + ssl which I think is still a bad idea.

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Re: Cant upload large files to Sharepoint site through S-160 pro

Come on! Surely there is someon out there who has run into this problem before?