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Cloud Web Security White-listing /w Wildcards?

Hello all,

Based off my previous discussions with TAC it sounds as though white listing traffic destined for a specific URL on the ASA is not yet supported?  For example if I needed to white list the following two sites: & - I'd have to first know the correct prefix, then create separate/individual objects for each FQDN and add them to my ASA instead of simply creating a single entry for "*" - correct?

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I haven't tried *

I haven't tried *  I add two entries: and  That is what has worked for me, but then again my WSA's are onsite.

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Hi Shea, I'm faced with the

Hi Shea,


I'm faced with the same issue as Chambeja25 where by I need to allow access to the whole of domain.  I've tried your suggestion of * and and both entries can't be entered due to an error message.  I did try specifying as a top level root domain entry, but this doesn't work as tested through a packed trace showing the access through a more open rule further down the rule base and not being captured by my specific rule added.

Please can you advise how you managed to enter both the * and entries.

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