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Concern about memory utilization

I am running a single S650 with 6.0.0-542, just upgraded and rebooted last night. I currently have 85 total client connections ( 3 active), 160 server connections (3 active). Response time is good, bandwidth utilization is only 804kbps average. In other words, in my opinion, I am not hitting this device very hard. My concern is that memory utilization is showing between 65% and 85% under load. Is this normal, or do I need to be tweaking something?

Deployment Topology = Non-inline
Web Proxy Mode = Transparent
IP Spoofing = Off
L4 traffic monitor is enabled, but not networked using the T1 and T2 ports yet

Thanks for any advice

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Re: Concern about memory utilization

You're right, you're not hitting your device very hard.

The memory usage can be misleading, as the software pre-allocates as much memory as possible, and also holds objects in an in-memory cache in addition to the on-disk cache. So even on a lightly loaded device, memory usage will show a reasonably high percentage. It's likely not the bottleneck unless you see it start to run 95% or higher for a period of time.

So yes, what you're seeing is normal.

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Re: Concern about memory utilization

Sorry for taking so long to get back.

Thanks for your reply.

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