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Custom throttled URL Category

Hi all!

I have recently been tasked with creating a custom URL category on an Ironport S370. The previous engineer that handled the appliance has left and here I am. Can someone tell me how I can create these and if its possible to set bandwidth limits on them through the Ironport? If there is documentation that would be helpful. Thank you.                  

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Custom throttled URL Category

To create a custom category, click on Web Security Manager/Custom URL Categories.  Name it, add the sites, or expressions, submit it, commit it.

You can't really bandwidth limit the categories.  There are limits in for Applications (Web Security Manager/Access Policies, click on the in the box under Applications for the policy you're working on)...

The online help is actually pretty good.  Documentation can be found here:

What exactly are you trying to accomplish?


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Custom throttled URL Category

We are trying to create a throttled category for 1MB for specific URL's. This is for a school district and the list will grow as we find that students are hitting sites not covered under the default applications.

I appreciate the response. It is exactly what I needed minues the throttling portion.

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