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How to correctly deploy a pair of S360 WSAs with a pair of 6500 running HSRP

Hi folks,
We have a situation requiring us to deploy a pair of WSA in a production environment without any additional investments on other devices.
A pair of 6500 switches running HSRP and configured with multiple VRFs is connected to the perimeter ASA firewall. I know that in this particular case one would refer me to the design guide where 3750 stack is brought in between the core switch/router and the firewall.
I wish we could do with the current list of devices and utilize the global router in the 6500 switch. I attached the sketch of the current topology but it should be redesigned to something similar to the second diagram. Any ideas on how it could be done?
My first concern is that there must a great deal of routing reconfigured/added to route traffic from different zones to a global routing table. I read that WCCP is not VRF aware and I believe that each WSA appliance should be connected to the individual 6500 switch.
The second concern is what happens when one of 6500 goes down. How  would WCCP handle this situation?


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Re: How to correctly deploy a pair of S360 WSAs with a pair of 6

Any one yet? Does it sound very unfeasible ?

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