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IronPort Management Interface

Unable to access the management interface of the IronPort S160 appliance. Access via SSH is also not available. A ping test results in request timeouts.

Direct access via serial port is successful, but ping test from within appliance using the management interface fail. Pings using the data interface are successful.

Connecting directly the appliance using a network cable, allow access using the web portal and ssh console.... strange. Verified that no restrictions are set. No recent changes have been made, so sort of at a lost. There is a second interface available for management purposes, but not clear as to how to set an IP.

Any ideas as to what could be causing this issue? Haven't rebooted, but not sure that it would help.


IronPort Management Interface

A direct connection works so it is either a routing problem on your network, can you connect to the gateway of the subnet where the management interface is on.

Otherwise, if it is on the IronPort:

Network -> Routes

Is the Routes for the management traffic set up correctly.



Community Member

IronPort Management Interface

The routes on the Ironport web admin interface are set correctly. From any computer on the network, I am able to reach and log in to the gateway where the management interface resides.

Routing would be my first thought as well, though I can successfully ping the management interface from the switch that I am connected to, yet pings from my computer fail.

I'll double check the routes -

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