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IronPort S170 WSA - Max file download size


we're using an IronPort S170 WSA. Downloading big .iso (maybe other files, too) files fails. As far as I can find out, files of 2300MB or less can be downloaded, files of 3300MB or bigger fail to download (I haven't been able to try files with sizes between 2300MB - 3300MB). Using the same client without using the IronPort as a proxy, the download of the big files succeed.

The web page error message indicates:

Blocked by [companyname] Web Proxy

Category = Allowed%20URL%208080
WBRS Value = -
DVS Verdict = -
DVS Threat = -

So, I assume there is a setting in the IronPort that prevents the download of files exceeding a size limit. But I cannot find any config item that controls this. Does anyone know where this setting can be found?

Description: Cisco IronPort S170

Product: Cisco IronPort S170 Web Security Appliance

Model: S170

Version: 7.7.0-500

Cisco Employee

IronPort S170 WSA - Max file download size

Do you get an instant block for large files?  Or does it try to download for a while, and then fails?

If it is an instant block, it should be under Web Security Manager > Access Policies.  Look in the object types section.

If you are downloading for about an hour and the downloads stop, it may be authentication related.


New Member

Re: IronPort S170 WSA - Max file download size

Files are not blocked immediately. The page tries to download the file for a while. Then, after a minute or so, the proxy page appears.

About authentication: the access policy is configured not to require authentication.

I suspect a built-in limit. But as said, I cannot find any reference to it.


Cisco Employee

IronPort S170 WSA - Max file download size

There shouldn't be a built in limit to block the downloads.  I would open up a TAC case since this will require more troubleshooting.


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