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Ironport S650 Report Data management

I am running an S650 runnign AsyncOS 7.1.3-014 and looking to upgrade to the S170. I have found good information on transfering the config, but no information on the Report Data.

So two questions

Is there anyway to backup, or transfer the Report Data?

Is there a way to purge the report data before a particular date? I found a way to purge it completely but we want to retain 3 months only.

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Ironport S650 Report Data management


You can pull most of the data off using FTP.  Just connect to the box using your favorite FTP client, login using your administrative user....

The data that the reports are generated off of are the various log files, you'll probably want the stuff in the accesslogs directory.   If you have reports you created/generated and they are archived (Reporting>Archived Reports), those are in the periodic_reports directory...


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Ironport S650 Report Data management


Thanks for the response.

That is what I originally thought too but we have only 10 files in each of the FTP log subscriptions that go back 10 days but we have report data that goes back more than 6 months when I run a report. So I thought they must be stored separately from the log files. The reporting database is mentioned separately from logs in the manuals several times too.

The periodic_reports directory seems to have reports run on a schedule but not the entire reports database.