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Ironport URL Filters

Hi All,

I would like to have Ironport URL Filters as my Control Service. However I checked under System Administration > Feature Keys and found the time remianing for this feature is 28 days while Cisco Ironport Web Usage Control will remain for 355 days. Do I need a different type of license that needs to be purchased to keep Ironport URL Filters?


Cisco Employee

Re: Ironport URL Filters

If you want to continue using the Ironport URL Filter, you will need to purchase an update license.

Please contact your Cisco/Ironport Sales Representative.

Otherwise the Cisco Ironport Web Usage Control will do similar function, and with it, you can also enable Dynamic Content Analysis for uncategorized new URLs. Please see your GUI On line Help Documentation for further information.

I hope this information helps you.


Community Member

Re: Ironport URL Filters

The Cisco IronPort Web Usage Controls are the way to go - you have more granular control of the categories as well as the Dynamic Content Analysis Engine.

Community Member

Re: Ironport URL Filters

We wanted to filter out some proxy web sites but on Cisco Ironport Web Usage Control classifies these specific sites as "Computer and Internet". Of course I am able to create my own URL category and assign this proxy site that I want to block but I might skip some other sites that are proxy websites.

Community Member

Re: Ironport URL Filters

Web Usage Controls is what you want, it contains the 'Categories" you're used to seeing in the demo license.  When we changed from a demo to full license, we "lost" these Categories.

Security Services, Acceptable Use Controls.  Edit Global Settings. Enable Dynamic Content Analysis Engine.  Commit.  If it's not available, contact your account manager or update feature keys.

Once you enable the Dynamc Content Analysis Engine you should be able to apply the "filter avoidance" category.  Which includes Google Cache, etc.

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