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Ironport WSA Blocking Flash

Our newly installed Ironport S170 is blocking video's from a news site.  The page displays but where the video should be is just a white box.  If you right click on the box you see a dialog that says "movie not loaded"  and "about flash player".   I do not see anywhere in our configuration that we are blocking these video's.  The site is correctly categorized as News.  I can watch video's on YouTube (which we don't block) and any other news site that I've found so far.  Its very difficult to ascertain from the logs what website or URL is being blocked.  Ideas?

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SSH into the S170grep -> 1

SSH into the S170

grep -> 1 access logs -> enter your workstation IP address -> y, n, y, n

Start a new browser session and visit the site that is not working.

Look for the drops in your logs.. this will tell you what policy you are matching.

If it's not that maybe you have no script or something similar blocking?

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I have the same problem

I have the same problem embedding a flash magazine from to our website. WSA blocked the connection to issuu. Had to make an auth exempt rule for the host Now it works.

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