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m650 configuration manager task through CLI

On the m650 the centralized configuration manager has this nice thing under the configuration manager option to add a task. It will push out a configuration file that is saved in the /configuration/iccm folder on the m650 to a defined group (s650(s) in my case) onto those individual s650's /configuration/iccm folder. Then, there is something executed either by the m650 or the individual s650(s) to take do 'something' to that new configuration file in the s650's /configuration/iccm folder and apply it to the given s650's running configuration.

I was wondering a couple things:
1. Can the 'add task' option of the m650 to a group of s650(s) be done throught CLI?
2. Once the new configuration file is in the s650(s) is there a special command to do 'something' that parses that configuration file into the running configuration?
3. The special command from question 2, is it issued by the s650 or by the m650?

I know I wrote a book just now, apologies. Thanks for any help anybody can give!

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Re: m650 configuration manager task through CLI


I don't believe that the commands can be executed via the CLI.

I'm not sure what you mean by question two / three. The WSA has only a single configuration, not a running vs. startup (like Cisco devices).

The next major release of the M-Series has been completely revamped to eliminate the use of config files. The M-series will communicate directly to the WSAs and configurations are edited locally on the M-series appliance.

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Re: m650 configuration manager task through CLI

I see. So, the file "config.dat" in the configuration folder, is that the active configuration? I guess, when I say 'active' or 'running' is because the iccm folder can contain numerous configuration xml files, but there has to be one that is actually running.

Thanks for your help!

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Re: m650 configuration manager task through CLI


I'm actually not sure what that file is exactly for. The newest version works so radically different in config managment, that I haven't really invested alot of time learning the exact inner workings of the current ICCM.

Wait for the new version, it's pretty awesome compared to the current way the M-Series handles configs.

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Re: m650 configuration manager task through CLI

Cool beans. Thank you for your help. I'll be waiting to see the new stuff. :)

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