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Managing Multiple S370

Hello Team,


I am looking for different ways to manage multiple global s370's but I cannot find any management software that I can add them into.  Does anyone know what type of management consoles Cisco have that I can deploy on a VM and link all of my s370's too?

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The SMA is what you want...

The SMA is what you want... the virtual version is in beta. 

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EDIT: guess i need to read your post fully before responding.....   if youre doing virtual, obviously you can assign as much space as youd like....

I recommend getting large drives now if you are using this to store logs because its difficult to get them off of these m-series. 



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I run with a M660 (New model

I run with a M660 (New model is M680) SMA _ stands for Security Management Appliance

This dude will run as a configuration master for all your WSA's, and you go to just this one place to configure and manage your policies, and afterwards push/publish the new policy to your WSA's

It is not complete, you still need to do manually stuff the each and every device, depends upon settings/senarios - but for policy-config it's really great and a true timesaver.

I run 12 WSA's with one SMA and am very pleased with it.

I run 2 ESA with one other SMA.


from what I can see - you can also get it as Virtual SMA



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