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Micorsoft Sliverlight

It seems that no matter what i try, any media player using Microsoft Silverlight is blocked from viewing on the Internet by default by our WSA. Any other media player that I have seen works within a user access policy that I have setup. I am trying to view a Sharepoint 2010 presentation on microsoft's site and it is not working. I have the entire domain added to the proxy bypass list and it still will not play. I have to add the IP of the users pc to the proxy bypass list to get it to work. This is not a secure nor feasible method for viewing say a benefits presentation or software presentation for example. Please help. Any suggestions to remediate this would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Re: Micorsoft Sliverlight

What version of the WSA are you running? We've fixed some issues with streaming media in the more current versions.

I've not personally heard any reports of issues with Silverlight specifically.

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Re: Micorsoft Sliverlight

Just upgraded to 6.0.0-544. This has been a constant across all versions that I have used thus far since 5.X