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native ftp using WSA 6.0


Has anybody got native ftp working using WSA 6.0.0 ? Does anybody out there know if the default configuration needs changing ?

Any advice would be much appreciated

Thanks and Regards


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Re: native ftp using WSA 6.0

No changes in default configuration needed.

Just make sure your ftp client like Filezilla is using port 8021 to the proxy with "USER@HOST" as type of proxy.

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Re: native ftp using WSA 6.0

i still can't make it work.... when i try to connect thru explorer i receive the message: "The folder '' is read-only because the proxy server is not set up to allow full access."
if i set the browser to use the port 8021 for ftp connection, it goes in timeout
and thru filezilla i can only make it work using generic proxy HTTP/1.1 and not using native proxy.

Can anyone help me and tell me if i have to create new identities or new policies and how to configure my clients

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native ftp


It now works for me using the default native ftp configuration. I have only tried using the reflection X ftp client and this works fine. I added an identity to the ironport configuration to ensure the proxy server did not authenticate native ftp traffic.

If the ftp client does not support checkpoint or raptor authentication then add the identity and all should work sweet

Good luck


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Re: native ftp using WSA 6.0

i tried.. but no luck :(

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Re: native ftp using WSA 6.0

See if this helps:

Configuring proxy on internet explorer (IE) allows IE to use FTP over HTTP (when folder view is disabled).
It does not use native FTP, hence you can't use the proxy settings.
But we can use windows explorer to do native ftp proxying
Please open up windows explorer (not internet explorer, ex: double click on "My Computer")
and use the following URL in the address bar

# example when authentication is disabled on WSA

# example when authentication is enabled on WSA

Please keep in mind that this is just a workaround.
It does not promise it would work in all cases.

This is under the assumption that you are using "Checkpoint" for "Authentication Format"

PS: Folder view is not part of IE, it's part of windows explorer, which runs out side of IE

PS2: same technique can be used to curl native ftp traffic through a proxy

Microsoft KB on how to enable Folder View:

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Re: native ftp using WSA 6.0

thanks khoa, it works :D

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