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notification webpage

Is it possible to not have notifications that this ad has been blocked imbedded into the website were the ad was?

The reason I ask is that the filtering that I was using before blocks ads and pop ups. It didn’t replace them with a notification that it was blocked it just left a blank spot where the ad was so nobody really notice. Now all my users are freaking out that were are blocking to much and I have to explain that it just ads that are being blocked.Beleive it or not there saying that they would rather have the ads than the notification that they were blocked.

It would be best for me anyway if ads that are imbedded into a webpage were just blocked and that space left empty.

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Re: notification webpage


Unfortunately, we do not have to ability to send a blank notification page in response to a specific category block.

I have filed enhancement 39051 for this functionality.

There are two ways we may be able to block without sending a block page:

1. Send a blank HTTP response body (preferred)
2. Send a TCP RST instead responding to the GET at all

Both of these are specified in the enhancement request. Would you have a preference to which you would use?

Re: notification webpage

Josh whatever the easiest way to program would be.Just as long as the spot were the ad was left blank so that it would just seem like an empty spot on the webpage no other error message or red x where the ad was.The spot where the ad was must seem like it belongs on the site for example if the background on the site is red and the ad is removed that area still should be red.

If this is to complicated I undertsand I will just have to get my users use to the message but if it can be done that would be GREAT!!!!

Thank you....and have a nice holiday!!!

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Re: notification webpage

I've gotten around this here by creating a custom blank white logo. This forces the text part down the page about halfway. Since the alignment seems to be upper left, most ads only display a white image. Works really well.

Re: notification webpage

I tried that but most web sites dont have a white background also you can still see the web blocked page as some ads are very big.

It would be best if this was built in like 99% of the other web filtering software does this no problem.

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