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Off-Box Custom End-User Notifications Pages

Is it possible to create an off-box end user notifcation page based on each blocked web category?

Example: we currently block "File Transfer Services" to the internet and we present the user with a custom blokc message expaining this violates policy. We want to still present the user with our current policy block message but also include a link that gives them a supported option for this service, but only if they are blocked by this category.

We also would like to do this for other web categories we block but I have been unable to figure out a way to do it. Any information or suggestions are greatly appreciated.  




Off-Box Custom End-User Notifications Pages

Yes.  In the Online help that's on the WSA, go to Notifying End Uers and look for "Defining End-User Notification Pages Off-Box".   Basically you set a URL and pass it parameters to display the appropriate form.

You set the URL here:

  1. Navigate to the Security Services > End-User Notification page, and click Edit Settings.
  2. From the Notification Type field, choose Redirect to Custom URL.
  3. In the Notification Page URL field, enter the URL to which you want to redirect blocked websites.

    Note You can choose whether or not to preview the URL you enter by clicking the Preview Custom URL link.

  4. Submit and commit your changes.
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Off-Box Custom End-User Notifications Pages


Thanks for the response. This is exactly where we are looking but I do not find a way to present a different custom page based on the specific web categories. I want to create probably 2 dozen custom pages and based on policy allow or block, present the approriate page back to the user, web page or policy block message.

Off-Box Custom End-User Notifications Pages

You have to have some web progamming expertise available...

You either create one page, with the ability to look like 2 dozen based on the parameters that get passed to it,

or you create 2 dozen and one, that one being able to redirect again to the proper one of 2 dozen, based on the parameters that get passed to it.

It will look something like what's below.. your web code has to be able to take the parameters and do what you need it to do... (bold is your URL, the rest are parameters that the WSA adds to the URL and feeds to your user's brower) 2007:23:22:25%20%2B0000&ID=0000000004&Client_IP= & BLOCK_WEBCAT-DefaultGroup-DefaultGroup-NONE-NONE-DefaultRouting &URL_Cat=Sports%20and%20Recreation&WBRS=-&DVS_Verdict=-& DVS_ThreatName=-&Reauth_URL=-
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