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Performance comparison

Hi guys,

We've set up a few S650s now, and our customers are more than happy. However, most of them are switching from another proxy, and as such would like some comparative figures regarding throughput, performance etc etc.

Quite a few used Trend until getting the S650, and even though "my browsing is a lot faster now" is welcome feedback from the users, accounting and administration would like some actual figures to justify the expense.

So I guess my questions are:
1. Are there any existing tests regarding throughput and performance compared to other solutions?
2. If we have to do this ourselves, what would be the best way of going about this?



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Re: Performance comparison


Well, being a customer with a larger S650 deployment we have some expertise from recent switch over from our previous proxy solution towards IronPort WSA. We did several "heavy load" tests over a couple of days letting the largest user community utilizing a single S650. It was able to deal with up to between 900-1100 URL request hits per second. As we are using NTLMSSP authentication the bottleneck could become the Domain Controller as the WSA is authenticating against a single DC and not to multiple DCs in a load-balanced way.

In reality we expect less traffic on a single WSA as well as on the DCs as we'll utilize multiple "WSA/DC pairs" for authentication.

Hope that this will help you. Otherwise pls let me know.

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