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Q: WSAv License question

Hi Forum !

On my job I run several WSA like S170 and hence I have active service etc.

I can read from CCO

that what I understand is the option to use virtual WSA's - WSAv, when you own a Phy WSA.

So I want to run a WSAv in my lab, and as such I need a license key.

But I am unsure as to HOW i can obtain one, without the running production WSA ( the phy ones) are suffering.


one ideas ?

 can this be done ? and how ? all guide Is have seen are to the old license portal

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Go here

Go here

Click on "Get Other Licenses", and select "Email and Web Security Appliance", then "Get Activation Codes".  You'll get a drop down, you probably want to pick "software bundle"



Pick "..sw bundle", enter your hardware serial number, select Virtual... Leave the Target Serial blank, and enter your email address for the Send To, click on Request at the bottom...


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wow - thank you for the fine

wow - thank you for the fine guide, with screenshots !

And you can do this, so you run with the phy-WSA and the v-WSA at the same time ?

have you tested this or tried it ?

Yes, its in production... for

Yes, its in production... for about 400 users.

I have better performance with a S100V VM than I do with a S170. (probably because my VMWare cluster is built with screaming fast boxes).


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