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"Discoverying Proxy" across a IPSEC Tunnel over wireless

Bear with me here, there are lot of moving parts in this puzzle, and I'm unsure where to look.

Users are using IE7 (some IE8's), group policy has "Automatically Detect Settings", and we have published a WPAD DNS entry, and are hosting the PAC file on the S370 box.  We're very early in our deployment, so we're still functioning in "Monitor mode", till management has some information, and will direct us on what traffic they will allow .

The majority of users are located at our main site, the same site our Proxy is at, these users are having zero problems.  For all intents and purposes, they don't even know the proxy is there.

about 30% of our users are located at remote sites.  They are connected via an IPSEC L2L VPN tunnel  (ASA5505 at remote site, connecting to an ASA5550 at main site)

The users using a wired connection work fine

Wireless users, connecting via LWAPP accesspoints (Wireless LAN controller version at the remote sites, experience a delay connecting to the proxy, usually a few minutes.  I actually believe that they are bypassing the proxy, since it takes two minutes.  Unfortually, most of my users at the remote sites are wireless.

Thing's I'm immediately going to try are upgrading to the latest version of WLAN controller software, and then open a TAC case on the wireless LAN controller, but before I do this,  has anyone run across something similar to this before?  (Proxy discovery having issues across an IPSEC tunnel)


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