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Quriky Functionality

I recently got a demo unit and have installed if for my client (in transparent mode) however it seems as if it is unable to do certain things that the clients WebSebse can and I was told by an SE that it would have been able to, namely IM blocking and time based access.

It seems to me that only web chat can be blocked based on the URL category section which would facilitate time based access but if custom user agent settings are used them time based access is not doable. Anyone have any recommendations or thoughts on IM blocking? Can windows live messenger be blocked based on user and restricted by time?

It seems to me that it would have been better to allow all HTTP access to be blocked based on time rather than having to do this for every URL category. Will this be changed? Am I missing something can HTTP access be blocked that way?

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Re: Quriky Functionality

Currently the only way to block MSN messenger over HTTP is to do the following:
Within Access Policies click on objects

Specify the following under Block Custom MIME Types:

This type of access control, like user-agents, isn't configurable using the time based triggers.

I read somewhere that if you block "" this will block the MSN over HTTP traffic. This domain can be added to a custom category that is affected by the time based policies.

Re: Quriky Functionality

thanks, I guess I will give that a try

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