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scansafe with AD on ISR G2


We are using scansafe and would like to authenticate users with Active Directory when connecting to internet. user is redirected to the URL "webproxy/login" and cannot open the page.

There is no active session when I check in the router (with the command "show content-scan session active").

Plese, find below the step I followed for the configuration with Active Directory. Is there any other configuration I should do or modify.

- On the router

                parameter-map type content-scan global

                 server scansafe primary name port http 8080 https 8080

                 server scansafe secondary name port http 8080 https 8080

                 source interface GigabitEthernet0/0

                 user-group ciscogroup username ciscouser

                 server scansafe on-failure allow-all

                aaa new-model

                aaa group server ldap scansafe-ldap-group

                 server scansafe-ldap-server

                aaa authentication login ss-aaa group scansafe-ldap-group

                aaa authorization network ss-aaa group scansafe-ldap-group

                aaa accounting network ss-aaa none

                aaa session-id common

                ip admission virtual-ip virtual-host webproxy

                ip admission name ssauth ntlm

                ip admission name ssauth order   ntlm

                ip admission name ssauth method-list authentication ss-aaa authorization ss-aaa accounting ss-aaa

                ldap attribute-map ldap-username-map

                 map type sAMAccountName username

                ldap server scansafe-ldap-server

                 ipv4 <IP_AD>

                 attribute map ldap-username-map

                 bind authenticate root-dn cn=test_scan,cn=users,dc=our_domain,dc=local password <Psw>

                 base-dn cn=users,dc=our_domain,dc=local

                 search-filter user-object-type top

                 authentication bind-first

                interface GigabitEthernet0/0

                description WAN

                content-scan out

                interface GigabitEthernet0/1

                description LAN

                ip admission ssauth

I tried to use transport port 3268, then 389 but the result is the same.

- on AD

Creat the user test_scan under users and another user for test I tried to use only one user, without group, at the first time.

- On scansafe webpage

1). Admin -> Management -> Groups.

2). Add Directory Groups (WinNT://our_domain.local\users).

3). Web Filtering ->Management-> Policy and use the default filter/allow for the Directory group

I also tried to creat a realm under Admin->Authentication->Management->Add LDAP Realm / select the group to use (CN=Users,DC=nexthope,DC=local) I did the following checks successfully

- connection

- authentication

- check LDAP

Best regards

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