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Setting time limits for internet access

We just started our trial of the Ironport s160 appliance. I had noticed in doing research that Websense has a feature that lets you set a time limit, such as 30 minutes, that your users can access blocked sites (such as ESPN, facebook etc.) for 30 minutes each day and thats it. So, if someone has lunch at 12, they can check their facebook account, but after 30 minutes its automaticaly blocked again.

Is there a way to set this up in the ironport?  I know about the time ranges option, but people take breaks at different times and we'd rather not have EVERYONE surfing the net during the same 30 minutes each day.

Thanks for your help

For extra info, the feature is called the "time quota" in the Websense appliance.

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Re: Setting time limits for internet access

ironport doesn't have an equivilent of quota time. we switched from websense to ironport this year.

for "time waste" websites like youtube, facebook, etc, that we had on quota time in websense, we configured them for the 'warning' action in access policies and tweaked the 'end-user notification' page to our liking.

you could do something similar but tweak the 'Time Between Warning' part of 'end-user notification' to pop-up again after 30 minutes.

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Re: Setting time limits for internet access

There are no quota limits on the IronPort.  The next release of AsyncOS 7.x and above will include bandwidth limit controls which you can set for certain applications, not exactly similar but another option besides time range controls.