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WCCP mask value with 4xWSA


At the moment I'm running two WSA web-proxies and I'm planning to add two more.

For load balancing over the four WSAs, what would be the optimal mask value?

I can't find any good documentation on how to calculate this value.

Best regards,


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WCCP mask value with 4xWSA

Hi Aslak,

Not sure if there is any discussion or group that focuses more on WCCP, perhaps under Data Centre Technology. Since WCCP is not controlled from proxy in general, i am afraid you might not get the right answer here.

If I remember correctly, it is recommended to use the smallest mask bit where possible when configuring WCCP redirect ACL to conserve TCAM. For 4 WSAs (WCCP clients) you can use 2 bits.

You could open a TAC case with Content Networking Team to confirm the above.

Hope this helps.


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WCCP mask value with 4xWSA

Hi Donny,

Thanks for the reply.

I have been in touch with TAC and they recommended a 0xF mask.

Not sure what the logic behind that is, but the tech seemed to know what he was talking about

The WCCP whitepaper suggests 0x3 when using 4 WCCP clients.

Initially I will try the 0xF mask and see how that works.


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WCCP mask value with 4xWSA

My recommendation is also based on the WCCP whitepaper, where if you have 4 WCCP clients, use 2 bits.

0x3, where 3 is 0011 in binary, so it's 2 bits.

Anyway, see how you go with 0xF (4 bits)...


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WCCP mask value with 4xWSA


What device are you redirecting traffic from (aka the WCCP router)?

Using ASAs and Switches, I have never had to manually change the mask, as part of the WCCP v2 process is to manage adding and removing WCCP clients as they become available/unavailable.

I have some device specific WCCP documents I can share if you can summarize your sho ver for me.



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