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Web traffic report for one computer?

We have a computer that is used by multiple people. The computer gets an IP via DHCP (so it can change.) Management wants a report of traffic for this computer. Is there some way to do this since we don't know what previous IPs it's had? Thanks.


Web traffic report for one computer?

If you're looking by IP, not easily, unless you planned on it in advance... You could report on the users...

What I'd do going forward is pick an IP and create a reservation for it in each possible DHCP scope it may land on (assuming its a portable box), and then you could track that....

New Member

Web traffic report for one computer?

Thanks for the suggestion, we'll do that going forward. When searching reports by User, when I put in the IP Address it only seems to give me results that don't have a matching user, instead of all results by IP with the users included. Any way to filter by IP and user?

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