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Websense or Ironport?

We have been using Websense for years and are happy-ish.  Tech support is slow and lacking, but thankfully I havent had to use it a lot.  We tried out their SSL filtering and it was a insane nightmare and scrapped it.  So we are looking for new vendors for http filtering and adding in https soon.  Any reviews or comments from prior Websense people?



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I'm in the process of

I'm in the process of migrating from Websense myself. I would go a month on some cases with tech support never helping me or even responding to my repeated requests for updates. The constant license increases became too expensive (they need to change their licensing model) and we tried to implement the appliances with SSL filtering and had to go back to the regular web security filtering because they had constant bugs.

We're not live on the WSA yet but based on the hands on demo and what I've configured so far I think it will be a lot better and more secure. The application profiles and configuration is awesome. I've been doing Websense for about 12 years so it's highly customized and that will be hard to duplicate in Ironport but that can be a good thing.

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