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Windows Gadgets

Currently any of our users running Windows Vista cannot pull up any of the Windows Gadgets that display weather, rss or stock feeds. What can I do to unblock?
Steps taken already:
1. Used WinShark to gather the IP addresses that are being blocked, I have put them into a customer URL category and allowed them to pass through. No change.
2. Unblocked everything for Microsoft, ie.,

Nothing seems to work, thanks for the help.

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Re: Windows Gadgets


Check the accesslogs to see why the traffic is being blocked.

To grep the access logs for this entry, run the following from the CLI:
1. Grep
2. Enter the number of the log you wish to grep: 1 (for accesslogs)
3. Enter the regular expression to grep: .*
4. Do you want this search to be case insensitive?: Y
5. Do you want to paginate the output?: N

If the WSA is denying it, the logs will show why.

If you see many 401 or 407s and no 403 or 200s, then most likely the app is not responding to authentication properly. You may have to create an authentication exemption for this traffic.

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Got It!

Thanks for the help. You were right on the money.

The sites that were being denied were:,,,,

Added them to the Exempt list that we already have and instantly everything came through.

Thanks for the help.
Josh :D

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Re: Windows Gadgets

Great to know! I'll let everyone here know and whip up a KB article.

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