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with ironport (wsa) block skype

Hi ,


with cisco ironport (wsa) how to block skype ?

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Under Custom Policy Elements,

Under Custom Policy Elements, you can create a custom url category called, 'BlockSkype' and add the custom category to your Global Access Policy for URL filtering and set it to Block.


Perhaps you can block it on your firewall. Skype uses random UDP ports outbound and reverts to using 443/80 if it doesn't find any available UDP ports. It becomes a bit of a task.


If you have an ASA, you can try to use a regex and MPF to block.


Good luck and please post your final fix.


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I have integrated my iron

I have integrated my iron port with AD and i want to block the skype for individual users. if my understanding is correct from the ASA it will block for globally. for all the users. 


is there any solution in iron port for this? 

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Create an access policy and

Create an access policy and under Policy Member Definition > Selected Groups & Users you can add users or groups you want to add to this policy.


Next, under Advanced you can select what you want to block


Make sure this policy is towards the top of the list.


As stated previously, this will only block access to Skype website. If the application is already installed, you may not be able to block because the application uses random UDP ports and will default only to 443/80 in the event the other ports are not available.


You need an application aware firewall or an IPS appliance like the IPS for ASA, FirePower Services for ASA or a FirePower Appliance (Sourcefire)


The below link describes in more detail

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Hi Muhammed,you can try this

Hi Muhammed,

you can try this :

Hope it helps.


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Hello muhammed,Were you able

Hello muhammed,

Were you able to block skype? Would you share the procedure with me? Or would anybody share the procedure with me?


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