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WSA high availability options

Dear, all .

just would like to have some help , other then WCCP and L4-L7 content switching for high availability with WSA what other methods can be used ?
secondly do you have any idea that WSA supporting configuration clustering as it does in the ESA appliances currently , if it doesn't support do you have some plans to support it in the future release ?

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Re: WSA high availability options


The only other method for deployement is explicitly configuring your clients to use the WSA as an HTTP proxy. This can be cumbersome depending on the type of clients and browsers being used.

In an AD environment, Internet Explorer proxy settings can be forced when the user logs into the domain. This doesn't affect non IE browsers or non windows clients.

It also depends on a single proxy, unless you have some form of load balancing setup.

There is no clustering available for the WSA. Currently, the M-Series appliance has beta code to interact with the WSAs and push config files across appliance groups.

Please contact your sales rep if you are interested in participating in this beta.

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Re: WSA high availability options

thank's a lot for the answer , so meaning we will not have clusterconfig on the WSA like ESA right ?

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Re: WSA high availability options

That is correct. The intention is to have the WSAs configured within the M-Series appliance to do all of your configuration changes and pushes from that device (centralized management).

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Re: WSA high availability options

hm , clusterconfig on ESA is very superior and advanced , having it on the
WSA making sense since all the configs are in XML , having M pushing configs adding lot of complexity

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Configuration Management roadmap

We are rolling out CM for the WSA in 2 phases. The first phase (AsysncOS for Mgmt 6.2) is a relatively simple implementation. You need to FTP the XML config file(s) off of the box or boxes you want to use as templates onto your laptop and then FTP them onto the M-Series device. Then you can use the M-Series to push the files to various groups of WSAs you create. For customers with only 2-3 WSAs, it may not be a huge time saver. This version is due out by the first week of Feb.

In the 2H of 2008, we plan to release a version on CM for the WSA closer to the CM that is available for the ESA. This allows complete control over which features are synced to which groups of WSAs and is a very powerful approach to CM.