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WSA licenses clarification

hi All,

We have bought a unit of Cisco WSA S170 appliance last year.

Apparently we bought the following as below


Cisco   IronPort S170, Standard Configuration Production Unit



Single   Appliance Bundles (1 Year), WUC+WREP+ASPY+AV
- include Platinum Support
- Rails (4-Post Square)
- Web-based training
- Sawmill Software for Cisco IronPort
- Come with a Cisco IronPort S160 Web Security Appliance
- WUC/WREP by IronPort; AV/ASPY from Webroot/McAfee


I would like to know if the above includes the 400user qty license as mentioned?

If so, how can I tell from the appliance web gui; if indeed it came with 400user license

I am very puzzled as i was NEVER aware that the WSA S170 came with user licenses. All these while i am aware that it only came with yearly subscription license.

Can anyone give me some insight of whether this is correct? Or perhaps our ordering team made an error ordering 400qty


WSA licenses clarification

The "security suite" eg. antivirus/web reputation/etc. is licensed per seat, and you renew on a per seat basis.  In a sense they're decoupling the box from the software because these days, you may also get license to the WSAv (a VM version of the WSA).  You can deploy as many WSAv's as you need, based on your load, config/whatever... 

If you have 400 users, 400 qty is correct...

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WSA licenses clarification

Thanks for the explaination.

Then again, is there a day to show that indeed the box is licensed with 400users? any indication of somesort

On the Web Gui feature keys; only shows its expiry date.

Appreciate any advise.

Cisco Employee

WSA licenses clarification

Try the cli command


Regardless of what the seat count is the box will pass traffic if you exceed the count. We do not shut down users because the box has exceeded the license count. Performance may suffer for that time period due to over-subscription.


WSA licenses clarification

Hi Guys,

If I have two appliances. I need to buy license for both or i can use the same license for both??


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WSA licenses clarification

No, licenses are tied to the company not the hardware so if you purchase 1000 licenses it would be applied X number of units. You will have to maintain SmartNet support on each individual device.

WSA licenses clarification

Hi Tommy,

Thanks for your kindly reply. In this case, how i have to request the license file for both appliance. In order, i will be able  to apply this license in each one appliance and not show as expired or invalid.


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