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WSA Streaming Media Blocking

Hi Guys,

I have an issue at the moment where by the WSA is not blocking streaming media on news websites eg.,,

Youtube and other streaming media sites that fall under this category are blocked normally.

My question is, with this type of custom media streaming where can i request to have it added into the category Streaming Media?



New Member

Re: WSA Streaming Media Blocking

If you believe it to belong to "Streaming Media" category then you can log into the Ironport Support Portal (

Under 'Appliance Documentaiton > Web > URL Categorization Request Tools', you can request for it to be added.

The other option is to create a custom category of your own and control it with your access policy.

Re: WSA Streaming Media Blocking

Hi Khoa,

Thankyou for your reply. I will login to the Ironport Support Portal and make the request.

The issue i have with creating a custom category is that i do not want to restrict the whole website as it is news and our corporate access policy allows staff access to this type of site.


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Re: WSA Streaming Media Blocking

You can create an access policy matching both the custom category and the user-agent to identify the news stream and then block the custom category in that created access policy.

Look at the on-line user guide section "Working with User Agent Based Policies" for more info on user-agent policies.

Here's how you can find any particular user-agent:
You can find out what user agent is being used from the accesslogs by adding a custom specifier of '%u'

a. Go to System Administration > Log Subscription > accesslogs > Custom Fields > %u
b. Then use the grep command to see all request from that specific client:

Using the grep command from the CLI, you can view a specific request from specific clients to troubleshoot why it was allowed, blocked, or which group it matched on.

Paste the response from the CLI and we can assist in analyzing the access logs.

1. Log into the CLI.
2. Type in "grep".
3. Select the accesslogs.
4. Type in specific client's ip address for the regular expression
5. Type in "Y" for do you want to tail the accesslogs.