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Keyboard and Navigation Tasks on the Cisco IP Video Phone E20

               Task                              Steps to Complete

Display endpoint submenus

Scroll through options by pressing the Navigation (wheel) and OK (check mark) buttons.

Display or hide the main menu

Press the Home button (displays a house icon).

Display a self-view image

Press the Self-View button (displays a person icon).  Press again to toggle on and off.

Switch the microphone on and off

Press the Microphone button (displays a microphone icon).

Switch the camera on and off

Press the Camera button (displays a camera icon).

Switch the speaker phone on and off

Press the Loud Speaker button (displays a speaker icon).

Listen to voicemail

Press the Mail button (displays an envelope icon).

Adjust volume settings

Press the Volume button (displays + and - to increase and decrease volume).

Use the headset

Press the Headset button (displays a headset icon).

Use softkeys

Located along the bottom of the screen and controlled by the softkey buttons on the keypad. Softkeys provide choices while operating the endpoint.

Switch between numeric and alphanumeric characters

Press the button that corresponds to the abc/123 softkey.

Delete numbers and alphanumeric characters in the text or number field.

Press the C button.  Characters to the left of the current cursor position are deleted.

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