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About other traffic issue

Hi all

in my wae, it often has a lot of "other traffic" into my wae

and make optimize capacity become low

I know other traffic is that doesn't match any classifier and cannot be optimize

so I can create a new policy to match these "other traffic" and optimize it

my question is there any good solutions to analyze it ?


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Re: About other traffic issue

Hi Chia,

WAE has most of the default traffic policies for msot of the well knowjn traffic. however, if you have any TCP / known traffic showing up under "Other" category, you can create a policy and classifier and try to optimize it. Please note that optimization may break traffic if it is not following standard tcp protocol.

Creatign a classifier is the only good way to analyze it unless you want to use netflow analyzers.

Hope this helps.


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Cisco Employee

Re: About other traffic issue

Hi Chia,

If you are referring to the "other traffic" that you see in the Central Manager GUI reports this actually encompasses all traffic not listed in the other 19 applications selected to display reports in the Central Manager. It does not necessarily mean that the traffic is not being optimized. The traffic that is not being optimized is classified as "Pass-through traffic" instead. You can change the applications you want to monitor but you will be limited to that and should expect to see the sum of the traffic from the remaining applications displaying in the "other traffic” category.


Fabio Bergamo

Cisco TAC

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