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Attaching WAVE to N7K vPC pair

Hi out there

we have a pair of N7K running as vPC-pair. all the ServerVLANs are vPC. The WAN connectivity is also done via vPC(VLAN from both N7K) to the WAN-router/Firewall (is not managed by us)

So we want to bring WAAS into the game and have few questions.

Connecting the WAVEs WCCP: we plan to do this in a seperate VLAN and connect the WAVE-devicesvia a Portchannel which ends up on a vPC of both Nexus7000. Is this a valid option ?

Redirect Traffic: Our Plan is to redirect traffic from the VLAN up to the Router/firewall in in and out direction on both Nexus Is this valid though this "WAN-VLAN" is carried on a vPC.

Alternating Inline connectivity:

Is it possible to place the WAVE inline into a Portchannel though the Portchannel is vPC on Necus7000 side ?

I also cannot find any WCCP Perfomance numbers for Nexus 7000

Thx in Advance


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