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Downgrade wae294

Hi All ,


I have a wae294 with version oe294- ,I want to do the downgrade to . I need the CLI command to do it .

Can anyone help .



Hi,Try "copy ftp install ....


Try "copy ftp install ....." and reload afterwards.


Best regards

Finn Poulsen

Community Member

Hi Finn ,Thanks for your

Hi Finn ,

Thanks for your reply , I tried the command but i have an error . Can you help .

WAE294#copy ftp install / waas-universal-
Enter username for remote ftp server: cisco
Enter password for remote ftp server:
Initiating FTP download...
printing one # per 1MB downloaded
now downloading waas-universal-
Sending: USER cisco
Sending: QUIT
Login (server=,user=cisco) failed: Operation not permitted

Hi Again,Assuming that the

Hi Again,

Assuming that the ftp user has the appropriate rights for accessing the file on your ftp server.

Try investigating logs (if any) on your ftp server.

BTW: I've always used "." (period) to direct me to the current (home) directory of the FTP server, instead of "/".

But it says that it is the login that failed, please investigate.


Best regards

Finn Poulsen

Community Member

Hi Again ,     I'm using ftp

Hi Again ,

     I'm using ftp server (Core FTP mini-sftp-server v 1.34) . I don't know if this version is working correctly . and i'm wondred if i should be deregister to CM for doing downgrade .

Thanks & Regards


Hi, You don't need to de



You don't need to de-register or even involve the CM.

Suggest you focus on your ftp server - Try either :

  • investigate your ftp server (try from a PC with the same credentials)
  • setup your ftp server to allow anonymous login
  • use another ftp server
  • use the CM as an ftp server (inetd enable ftp) - but that would still require that you can get the file uploaded to a directory on the CM (ftp again).

Best regards

Finn Poulsen


Community Member

Hi Finn ,Thanks a lot for

Hi Finn ,

Thanks a lot for your reply . I can do the downgrade to 4.4.3 with disk rescue .

Best  Regards

zakaria Azzouz

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