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Dual MPLS connection to one WAAS with inlinecard

Hi all,

Is it posible to use one Cisco WAAS with dual inlineports connected to two PTT routers?
Both PTT routers is active and load balacing with BGP wth local L3 switches.
Or is it a most to use WCCP?



Hi Jan, Yes, this is indeed

Hi Jan,


Yes, this is indeed possible to do that, assuming you'll have an 4 ports inline card (or more).

Just connect the 2 WAN ports to the two routers and the two LAN ports to the L3 switch

... and verify duplex and failover etc (just as usual).

One notice : you might want to exclude BGP from optimization (make a policy which dictates pass-through) - BGP does not like WAAS ;-)


Best regards

Finn Poulsen


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Hej Finn,Thank for the reply

Hej Finn,

Thank for the reply and yes we do have 4 ports inline card.

BGP "TCP/179 is on the default policy as TFO with DRE Bidirectional and LZ and this what we normal use.
Please explain more why we should pass-through the BGP.
We haven't seen any problem but it doesn't mean that we can optimize more in our global environment.


Hi Jan, Just because I've

Hi Jan,


Just because I've previously ran into problems, because WAAS obfuscates sequence numbers.

On newer (greenfield) implementations of WAAS, BGP is set to pass-through as default.

From this link :

If the policies is migrated from a WAAS Central manager running versions earlier than 4.4, the default was LS+TFO+DRE - from 4.3.x the default changed to Pass-Through.

Best Regards

Finn Poulsen


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