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Excel & Word File modifications disappear on WAAS 4.1.5c


I know that we are very very far behind in terms of WAAS software, so keeping that in mind I have a very weird issue.

I have a user who frequently opens a word and excel document across the WAN. He makes modifications to the files from time to time, saves them and closes them.

At other WAN Sites users open this file and find that his modifications have been mysteriously removed.

I placed him in bypass via this command -

bypass static any-client x.x.x.x

When he is in bypass this does not occur.

Has anyone else come across this type of issue before?



Excel & Word File modifications disappear on WAAS 4.1.5c


Yes you should upgrade firmware because WAAS software 4.1 and 4.2 were recently announced EOL/EOS:

I have seen this issue with the save/save as in Microsoft Office documents. It is caused by a Windows security update to the SMB protocol: KB980232

You should check the WAAS 4.1.5 software release notes

and this bug in particular: CSCtg28040

This problem was fixed quite fast by Cisco in release 4.1.5f. Here are the bug details which gives you a workaround while you prepare to upgrade all your WAAS devices starting with the central manager (disable the CIFS AO)...

File Save/Save As Issues After Installing Microsoft Patch (KB980232)


When using the new Windows patch (MS10-020 KB980232), the file save/save-as operation may not be successful when WAAS CIFS optimization is turned on. A pop up message indicating "There has been a network or file permission error. The network connection may be lost" is generated by the client


Installation of Microsoft patch (MS10-020 KB980232) to Windows clients

Applies to all 4.0.X and 4.1.X releases


1. Using the new Windows patch : If the customer has installed (or wishes to install) the Windows patch and wants to keep the patch in place, turn the WAAS CIFS optimizations off. Once the new WAAS software is available and deployed, CIFS optimizations can be turned on again.

2. Deploying the Windows patch MS10-020 after the relevant WAAS S/W update is available: After reviewing the patch notes from Microsoft, customers may choose to apply the Windows patch after the updated WAAS software is available.

Note: Some customers have reported not being able to browse file / directory, properties security tab, and receive a pop-up message "Unable to display security Information. They are able to browse general properties, just not security tab. Traces show this is caused by CSCtg28040. After 4.1.5f upgrade the issue is not seen.

Hope this helps,


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