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Frequent disk failures; cannot rebuild RAID array WAE-674


I have a number of WAE-674s at various remote sites. Since deployment around 6 months ago, I have had about 5 critical alarms for disk failures on different devices. On investigating, sometimes the alarm just disappears itself. On others, I have cleared it after a botched upgrade with the

Disk logical-shutdown / reload / disk recreate-raid

Procedure mentioned elsewhere on the forum. I have now upgraded all devices to 4.1.7 and made sure that all RAID controllers have the updated 15427 software.

Has anyone else had these frequent alarms?

I have one device showing the disk failure alarm, but on show disk details it looks ok to me:

diskfailedwae#show disk det

RAID Physical disk information:

  disk00: Online                     JHWVD9YC    286102 MB

  disk01: Online                     JHWVEXLC    286102 MB

  disk02: Online                     JHWTZNKC    286102 MB

  disk03: Ready                      3LN73V6D    140013 MB

  disk04: Ready                      3LN73ZD6    140013 MB

I have another device that may actually have a genuinely failed disk; having tried the disk recreate-raid command it states

Command aborted.

Failed to remove RAID Logical drive. (1,2)

Controllers found: 1

A selected physical drive is not available for use.

Command aborted.

Failed to create RAID Logical drive. (1,2)

Please, verify the disk does not contain mounted file system that remain in use.

Execute the command "(config)#disk logical shutdown" and reload the device before the array is recreated.

Is there a way to rebuild the array and get the device alive before I swap out the drive? Is there a way to self test disk units at all?

Thanks for your help.

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Re: Frequent disk failures; cannot rebuild RAID array WAE-674

Is the show disk details output in your post from a WAE-674?

For the other device you mentioned (with a failed physical drive), can you provide the output of show disk tech-support?



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