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how to analyse WAAS transaction log ?

hi all

in my user environment

some WAE accelerated perfomance is not well

effective capacity including Pass-Through is 1.2x - 1.5x

I found that PT traffic is big

I enabled transaction log

and have any procedure to analyse log and tune the WAE

make it better


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Re: how to analyse WAAS transaction log ?


Your question is a very common issue that we see.  The transaction logs probably won't help you improve the performance of your WAAS network.

The best place to start is by running a "show stat conn pass-through"

This will give you a list of all the connections that are in Pass-through and some indication of why they are in pass-through or PT.  Here is a short sample    N/A                 PT App Cfg    PT Asymmetric   N/A                 PT In Progress  N/A                 PT In Progress  N/A                 PT No Peer  N/A                 PT In Progress     

You can see a few of the reasons for the PT connections and each one of them have different reasons.

PT App CFG, means that that there is a classifier for that TCP port and it is configured for Pass-through.

The remaining PT can be caused by WCCP misconfiguration at the site you are looking at or the remote location.

To find the issue, you need to do traceroute from the client to server and server to client.  Follow that path and make sure it is hitting a L3 interface on a router with WCCP enabled.  Also check your WCCP ACL to make sure your traffic is permitted.

For WAAS to optimize a connection, WCCP has to happen four times.  The SYN at the local and remote router and the same for the SYN/ACK.

I hope this is helpful.

Tom Jardin

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