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HTTP metadatacache is not improving


I have been running benchmark tests on HTTP applications with metadatacaching feature turned on. I'm running version 4.4.1 in our lab. I have the WAN setup for 1.5Mbps with 250ms of latency. The cold cache is the same response time as the warm cache. I've verifiedthat the metadata objects are being cached on the remote WAE, but it doesn't seemed to be accessing them directly. I'm seeing THDL RR at 88%.

labremwaas1#show run | i http

accelerator http suppress-server-encoding enable

accelerator http metadatacache enable

accelerator http dre-hints enable

   classifier pcsync-http

   classifier pcsync-https

   classifier soap-http

      name Web classifier HTTP action optimize full accelerate http

      name Replication classifier pcsync-http action optimize full

      name Replication classifier pcsync-https action optimize DRE no compression none

      name Web classifier soap-http action optimize full

Is there anything else I can check on the WAAS to see if the metadatacaching is being accessed?



Community Member

HTTP metadatacache is not improving

never mind.. I had something goofy setup in my lab. The metadata caching is working as expected. The web applications are running really fast now.

Community Member

HTTP metadatacache is not improving

Hi ,

HTTP Metadata Cache feature will able to optimize only the local HTTP 301 , HTTP 401 and HTTP 304 request.

You  can use the HTTP professional software to indentify whether the  accessed website has HTTP header request of ( 301,401 and 304) ,  response time , Request sent, request received and local cache response  time.

If you are accessing the HTTPS website then should also enable HTTPS metadata cache feature.

You should clear your browser temporary files whenever you testing this so that you will able to get a exact output.

I hope below mentioned will give you a better idea.



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