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Inline card speed/duplex


One of our WAE 274 inlinecard is in autosense mode but have diffrent speed on the LAN port "1000" and the WAN port "100", same duplex "full".

Is this any issue, as there is no posibility to have diffrent speed and duplex on LAN/WAN?

Jan Rockstedt

Cisco Employee

Re: Inline card speed/duplex

If in auto-sense mode then each inline port will neg independantly. Ideally both sides of the inline group should be at the same speed and always full duplex. I am assuming that your wan port can't be set to gig, correct?

I would probably recommend setting the inline group to 100M Full duplex then as well as the corresponding lan and wan ports. If you set this then you should also valid that the cables are correct.



Community Member

Re: Inline card speed/duplex

Hi Eric,

No my router dosen't support gig.

I try 100 full for the inline card and router the router "Cisco" was in 100/full but i died.

So that is why I have the inline card in auto.

The switch is a Dell switch and if I have the switch port in 100/full and the inlinecard to 100/full it will go up in 100/half.

So the switch, router and the inline card is auto now.

I have 100/full between the router and the WAE and 1000/full between the WAE and the switch.

There is no input or output errors in the WAE.

Jan Rockstedt

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