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Lan and Wan Interface connected in the same Switch CORE

I want to setup my core switch to receive the LAN and WAN (interface inline) of WAAS. I believe the I need to create a different VLAN for each interface, but after what Do I need to do and  which are issues that I need to be worry myself?

Virtual Inline Iterception Solution (Layer two solution)

-------------------------------                      -------------------------       

|       CORE              |-------Vlan10 ---|WAAS               |

|                              |--------Vlan11---|______________|

--------------------------------------------------------------------- VLAN11------- |--------------------------- |-----------------------WAN      

                                                                                          |       Router           | 


Vlan10 - Lan environment

Vlan11- WAN environment

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Re: Lan and Wan Interface connected in the same Switch CORE

Hi Marcelo,

You can use the example below,  in this case there are 1 inline group in Cisco WAAS, the inline LAN leg is connected to a switch port in vlan 911 , and the inline WAN leg is connected to switch port on vlan 880.

Inline Group 1

LAN  - vlan 911

WAN - vlan 880

You just need to ensure that the uplink ports in router are configured to vlan 880,  and that cliens are sitting in vlan 911 so the traffic will be optimized by WAAS.

Hope that this information helps


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