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RDP and WAAS urgent

Hi All,

         I have a weird issue. I am using inline method we have two sites. One is DC and Other is Branch.

I have put two WAVE 274 at DC, one is acting as CM

The third one is at Branch office.

Optimization is working fine but I am not able to rdp to branch pc from DC. rdp from branch to DC is working ok.

Here is an output from DC WAE

Connection Id:            20
    Peer Id:                  00:0f:fe:ff:91:dc
    Connection Type:          EXTERNAL CLIENT
    Start Time:               Wed Oct 27 22:50:40 2010
    Source IP Address:
    Source Port Number:       36781
    Destination IP Address:
    Destination Port Number:  3389
    Application Name:         Remote-Desktop
    Classifier Name:          MS-Terminal-Services
    Map Name:                 basic
    Directed Mode:            FALSE
    Preposition Flow:         FALSE
    Policy Details:
           Configured:        TCP_OPTIMIZE
              Derived:        TCP_OPTIMIZE
                 Peer:        TCP_OPTIMIZE
           Negotiated:        TCP_OPTIMIZE
              Applied:        TCP_OPTIMIZE
    Accelerator Details:      None

                                    Original            Optimized
                        -------------------- --------------------
    Bytes Read:                           19                    0
    Bytes Written:                         0                   19

If I put DC WAE into bypass mode RDP works fine 
any ideas ?

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Re: RDP and WAAS urgent

Same is the case with CIFS I am not able to open file share as well from DC. When I turnoff the optimization on CIFS / Ms terminal services on DC-WAE it works fine

Any clue?

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Re: RDP and WAAS urgent

Problem solved I was missing 'ip inspect waas enable' command on edge router

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