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re-address WAE

The customer would like to move two WAEs from one IP subnet to other. Both WAE are registered in the central management WAE. Both WAE has WAAS 4.0.21. What is correct method for moving the WAE from one IP address to other? Is the following method correct?

1/ deactivate both WAEs in the CM WAE

2/ mark both WAEs as Replaceable

3/ readdress both WAEs and change the ip default GW

3/ on the WAEs I will use command cms recover identity keyword

4/ than I will activate both WAEs in the CM WAE

5/ reboot both WAEs

Thank you for your help.



Re: re-address WAE

When the IP forwarding egress method is used, the return traffic packets are forwarded to the Cisco WAE default gateway. IP forwarding is the default egress method Cisco WAE uses to return redirected traffic, and it is part of the Cisco WAE default configuration. With the IP forwarding egress method, the Cisco WAE must be deployed on a separate subnet from users and servers, which can be accomplished using subinterfaces or tertiary interfaces (Figure 1). The command-line interface (CLI) command to configure IP forwarding as the egress method is shown here:

WAE(config)# egress-method ip-forwarding intercept-method wccp

For more information on re-addressing WAE, please refer the following link:

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