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Removing the WAAS class maps and policies


Last night I upgraded all of our WAAS devices and the CM to version 5.0 of the WAAS software.  However, I have all the devices in bypass mode at the moment as I wanted to create a new WAAS device group, with a load of new custom policies etc.  The thing that I have noticed, is that when I move a device from one device group to another is that it retains the old custom policies from the previous device group.  What I would like to do is remove a device from a group, remove all the policies and class-maps from the device, move it into the new group so that it re-downloads all the policies and class-maps again.

I found a command for removing them from a Cisco WAAS Express (waasconfig remove-all), but the command doesn't work on a WAVE-274-K9.  If someone could tell me the best way/practice for doing this, it would be greatly appreciated.

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Removing the WAAS class maps and policies

Hi Robert,

I suggest to move the devices to your new group and then just force the new settings/policies  to your existing devices  from the group level, the behavior you see is expected to happen because we have not yet force any policies from the new group and devices will still carry on the old ones.

If you really want to erase all the existing policies from a single device, click on  the device itself from the dashboard "devices menu", click on the device you want to modify, then select  the "configure tab" and click on "Optimization Policies" , click on Override Group Settings , click on the first "check box" from the policies list and delete them all.

( this is not recommended because you have to go like this for every single feature that might be different from the previous group to the new one)

So please try to go with the configuration guide:

Forcing Device Group Settings on All Devices in the Group

hope that helps!

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